HANDELSFAKTOR contains all functions necessary for a cash register, such as item management, cash register operation, reports and evaluations.

The standard version works with every browser on every hardware.

POS functions

  • Scan article barcodes
  • Access to article database via article numbers and convenient search functions with free text search
  • Individual assignment of bonus points to the sales value
  • Item shortcut keys
  • Discount (in EUR and %) on single items, categories and total bon
  • Special article with free entry
  • Open items with free pricing
  • Temporary offers and promotions
  • Product images
  • Price acceptance from magazine barcode
  • Linked articles
  • Pawn mapping
  • Cancellation, return
  • Bon parking
  • Detailed Cashier Report
  • Receipt printing with logo and freely configurable headers and footers on receipt printer or A4 / A5
  • Function "Receipt Yes / No"
  • Lottery / winning tickets
  • Customer and Loyalty Card Management
Das HANDELSFAKTOR-Kassensystem bedient alle gängigen Plattformen und Middleware


HANDESLFAKTOR contains all functions necessary for a cash register, such as item management, cash register operation, reports and evaluations.

  • Branches, cash registers, cashiers
  • Artikel, Warengruppen
  • Profit Margin Calculation
  • Price calculator
  • VAT rate selectable
  • Data import for existing article data
  • Data export for further processing in other applications
             (eg. Excel, FiBu, WaWi, Online-Shop)
POS peripherals
  • Barcode scanner
  • Barcode stand scanner
  • Receipt printer & label printer
  • Customer Display and Customer Monitor
  • Cash drawers
  • Magnetic Card Reader and RFID Transponder Reader
  • Keypad
  • Comprehensive evaluations
    over freely selectable periods
  • Sales analysis
  • Article hit list (Renner / Penner)
  • Goods group hit list
  • Weekday evaluation
  • Purchase time analysis
  • Sellers hit list
  • Profit calculations
  • SQL database queries
Security and GDPdU features
  • Powerful database system
  • Online data storage and export
    (10 years and over)
  • Yearly data provision for auditors
    ("GDPdU / IDEA interface")
  • Immutability of existing bookings
    Internal checksums, continuous counters, logs
    and control mechanisms

Store system

HANDELSFAKTOR is the optimal solution for connecting stores

With the store system, you can aggregate the sales data and sales of all your stores in the corporate office and provide all stores with identical item master data in real time.

Store Manager:
  • Central master data maintenance in the company headquarters. The master data are available to the branches in real time.
  • Sales data from the stores in the company headquarters
  • Central warehouse, goods issue to the stores with an electronic delivery note
  • Central evaluations of individual stores or the whole company
  • Stock overview of individual stores, central warehouses and entire companies
Additional function in the stores:
  • Master data from the head office
  • Export of sales data to the head office
  • Goods receipt from headquarters with electronic delivery note
  • Online inventory inquiries from the stores possible (where is item xy in stock?)
Zentrale Stammdatenzentrale. Zugang mit jeglicher Hardware
Zentrale Stammdatenzentrale. Zugang mit jeglicher Hardware.

Software/Cash registers

  • Access to article database via article numbers
  • Comfortable search functions
  • Self-configurable article speed dial buttons
  • Fast scanning of item bar and QR codes
  • Price acceptance from magazine barcode
  • Special article with free entry and printing of own barcodes
  • Open articles with free price entry
  • Individually maintainable discounts (in EUR and % on individual items, product groups or total receipt)
  • Creation of time-limited offers and actions
  • Assignment and redemption of the pledge
  • Cancellation and return
  • Bon park/Bon history
  • Receipt print with own logo
  • Detailed cash report/history
Handelsfaktor-Benutzeroberfläche. Zugriff aller Artikelstammdaten. Individuell gestaltbar.
Kundenkarten. Individuell gestaltbar

Loyalty cards / bonus system

With the bonus system, your customers collect bonus points with every purchase. Use this effective marketing tool to motivate your customers to higher sales or more visits.

You can personalize your personal bonus system with different parameters: You can personalize your personal bonus system with different parameters:

  • Variable bonus system
  • Individual assignment of bonus points to the sales value
  • Flexible discount programs
  • Creation of bonus checks or bonus offsetting directly during the purchase
  • Online frontend for redeeming bonus points

Card payments

Acceptance of debit cards, giro card and credit cards is taken for granted today. HANDELSFAKTOR allows you to post these payments manually in the cash report.

The following solutions offer you more comfort:

Card terminal connection

The card terminal connection allows the connection of an external payment terminal to the cash register. The terminal is then automatically controlled by the POS software.

The cash register transfers the purchase amount to the terminal and automatically posts the used card type in the cash register report after the payment has been made. By connecting the terminal to the cash register, you save twice the amount entered on the device and avoid manual entry and booking errors.

  • Connection of an existing payment terminal to the cash register
  • Automatic transfer of the purchase amount to the terminal
  • Automatic transfer of the card type and booking in the cash report after payment has been made
  • EC card with / without PIN, girocard, Maestro, Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners
Qualifiziertes Schulungspersonal


HANDELSFAKTOR provides the best possible service for its customers, including:

  • Telephone service hotline (Mon-Sat) 06:00 - 20:00
  • On-site exchange (if necessary) Service of the cash register hardware by technicians on the next working day
  • Express shipping (if necessary) of new hardware in case of failure of scanner, printer etc.
  • Remote maintenance directly on your cash register: After approval, a service employee can go online to your cash register and eliminate errors directly.
  • Software and feature updates without active help from you or your employees: You are always up to date after logging on.
  • Remote maintenance through our service center can be requested by pressing a button on your cash register


Intuitive operation and optimal support during operation:
  • On-site briefing at installation
  • Cash register instructions can be viewed at any time via the cash register
  • Getting Started - Getting started with basic functions through a tutorial for your employees
  • Additional training hotline to answer all your questions directly to you and your staff at any time. In addition, the normal service hotline is available to you.
Assistance already before the installation
  • Training videos on individual modules/functions
  • First online access to the cash register and administration system
  • Cash Manual
  • Fast and convenient - all answers to frequently asked questions
Schulungsvideos zu einzelnen Modulen

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