Software / Administration

  • Data import for existing article data
    Through an interface function, the item data can be synchronized with your cash register immediately and easily

  • Management of several shops, cash registers and cashiers
    With web-based cash register software, you can easily track the operations of individual cashiers and cashiers in multiple stores in real time from their homes.

  • Individual access rights per employee
    Administer yourself, which functions and insights your employees have.

  • Message function to employees
    Deposit notifications that appear at checkout at times you specify.

  • Switching on / off cash register functions / Individual user interface
    Use a modular system to design the user interface according to your
    individual requirements.

  • Inventory function and inventory management
    How much product do I still have in my inventory?

  • Selection of the speech output in the user interface
    Assign different languages to your employees (e.g., English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, ... and other languages selectable).

Zentrale Übersicht der Kassen, Kassierer und deren Zugangsrechte.
Das HANDELSFAKTOR-Kassensystem bietet modernste Auswertungsmöglichkeiten


  • Comprehensive evaluations over freely selectable periods Article / product groups
  • Real-time evaluation from any computer or smartphone possible
    No matter where you are, all you need is a working internet connection to work in real time access to your cash register.
  • Sales analysis
  • Calculation of the profit margin
  • Price calculator
    Automatic determination of selling prices and psychological price rounding, for optical pricing.
  • Goods group hit list
  • Top Article (Racer/Penner List)
    Which articles are sold good and which are not?
  • Sellers hit list
    In which category are the strengths/weaknesses of your employees based on turnover?
  • Purchase time analysis
    At what times of the day / weekdays which articles work best?
  • Data export for further processing in other applications
    (for example, Excel, FiBu, WaWi, online shop)

Warehouse management

With warehouse management, you always have the latest inventory data ready.            Inventories are automatically updated by the cash register at each sale. In addition, this module offers you an ordering system. Stock movements and integrated label printing for barcode labels.

  • Inventory management with automatic stock debit on sale
  • Receipts
                - manual acquisition / scanning
                - electronic delivery note
  • Goods issues
                - Returns to suppliers
    - Electronic goods request (e.g., sales from online stores)
  • Powerful inventory functions
                - total stock or by product groups or suppliers.
                - Direct correction, set lists, difference lists
                - Optional mobile inventory data capture with mobile devices
  • Automatic order proposal based on sales, minimum stock and order limits
  • Storage protocol
  • Inventory valuation
  • Supplier management
  • Barcode label printing
Lagerverwaltung.Immer die aktuellen Inventurdaten in Echtzeit
Das HANDELSFAKTOR-Kassensystem bietet umfassende Anbindungsmöglichkeiten und Schnittstellen


The following interfaces are offered or supported by the HANDELSFAKTOR POS system:

  • Lekkerland interface
    (e-order / e-delivery note / article update)
  • EX-Trade interface
    (e-order / e-delivery note / arrears / article update)
  • DTV interface
    (e-order / e-delivery note / article update)
  • VMP interface
    (daily market observation at the point of sale)
  • CSV import from (old) stock data
  • Export/save GoBD data to your desired location
    (USB stick, hard disk, CD, cloud storage: (possibly with costs)
  • DATEV interface
    (direct connection and transfer of your sales data to your tax advisor)
  • Automatic provision of uniform article master data
    (Provision of EAN codes, article names, etc. of all product groups)
  • Possibility of connecting the merchandise management system to various wholesalers

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